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Armadillo Reds

Armadillo Reds Tattoo, established in 1980, is the oldest and most renowned tattoo shop in Central Florida. We prioritize quality by using safe ink, sterile setups, and employing skilled artists. Since our establishment, we have been committed to providing our customers with exceptional tattoo services. We value customer satisfaction above all, and strive to make every visit a stress-free and enjoyable experience. Check out our artist today to learn more about what we have to offer.

A few decades ago there was a time-honored trade…becoming a tattooist. As time goes, back when I picked up a tattoo machine doesn’t seem so archaic. As with everything in our past up to present day, re-inventing is the norm as “modernizing” old methods in any trade. I made some changes, modifications and updates as being surrounded by many professionals in the trade.

I got my first tattoo, and it was a life altering experience, personally and socially. Having a mechanical background and being some what artistic, I do feel that this trade was my calling. Back at the start when I got my first tattoo from a very unique and talented tattooist East Coast Al, “Vicki” the name of my love to this day was my souvenir from Kansas City Kansas. My early days were spent galivanting around the Midwest tattooing, enjoying tea time and living the life.

Being a basic tattooist in my early years learning the ropes, different techniques, building needle bars and coloring flash art, consumed all my time while in the studio. My liking of Native American art captured me in my first few years, then the fantasy art by Franzetta, Boris Vallejo and various other artists set the stage.

Tattooing brought me many artistic people, over the years that presented me the opportunity to apprentice and teach. Sharing the trade with these people aligned them to become tattooists and work for us over the years. I’ve said that our reputation has been based on the ones that bring good things to be proud of.

There are organizations that have been quite instrumental in my career. National Tattoo Association was a worldwide membership of tattooist and enthusiasts. This very large group started in the 1970s to bring everyone together, which then became one of the first tattoo conventions in the United States.  I am quite proud to be a member of one of the greatest Tattoo organizations in the world. Upon the retirement of Don and Flo with their daughter Donna from N.T.A., I and my wife Vicki were blessed to take the helm.                                                                                                                                                                      

The Alliance of Professional Tattooists, established in 1992 was created as a membership driven professional business league focusing on health. safety and the promotion and preservation of the art of tattooing. I cannot emphasize the greatness of my fellow members and the importance of the A.P.T.  I am very proud to be a life member, and on the board of directors.

Florida Professional Tattoo Artist Guild was created to bring the tattooists in the state of Florida together as a professional voice in the rights and licensing in this state. After close to two decades of working with the state of Florida, rules, regulations and laws were created in unison under the Department of Health Florida. I am proud to be affiliated with F.P.T.A,G. and  on the board of directors.  

I cannot emphasize the importance to all of our previous and future clients to come visit us and experience the commitment and pride we display at Armadillo Reds Tattoo…Thank You, Red

P.S ….I still tattoo with my trusty OLD IRON…true to my ways!

Red Owner of Shop
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